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civiltÓ, letteratura & lingua / linguistica

a cura di
Lois Harrasser
& Giuliano Merz

el portal para la hispanÝstica
ideado y mantenido por
Justo Fernßndez Lˇpez

con la colaboraciˇn de
Lois Harrasser
& Giuliano Merz



We want like to express our most sincere thanks to

Chancellor of the University of Innsbruck (Academic year 1998/1999: Prof. Dr. Christian Smekal)

Vice-chancellor of the University of Innsbruck (Academic year 1998/1999: Dr. Friedrich Luhan)

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities (Academic year 1998/1999: Prof. Dr. Elmar Kornexl)

Department of Romance Languages - Faculty of Humanities (Academic years 1998/1999 to 2006/2007)

All Staff Members of the Central Information Technology Services (IT-Center)
and of the User Services Center at the Faculty of Humanities (CIT-Service; Head: Johann St÷ckler)


Without the support of all these people, the project would not have been achieved.

Justo Fernßndez Lˇpez, Lois Harrasser, Giuliano Merz